Main features:

- Exceptionally high yields of marketable fruit;
- Consistently produces large visually appealing fruit over a long growing season;
- Produces fewer runners in berry production, resulting in lower production costs;
- Long shelf life fruit with good flavor and sugar-acid balance.

Developed at the University of California, Davis, this dayneutral cultivar was named in honor of Royce S. Bringhurst, a pioneering plant geneticist and strawberry breeder at UCD. This cultivar was selected for production in coastal California and diverse Mediterranean climates. UCD Royal Royce
produces exceptionally high yields of marketable fruit and significantly fewer runners than most day-neutral cultivars, which translates into lower costs of production and increased profits for fruit growers. This cultivar consistently delivers large fruit throughout the growing season with especially high yields late in the growing season. The fruits are sweet with a good sugar-acid balance, resistant to harvest and handling damage, and have a long shelf life.

Exceptionally High Yields of Marketable Fruit
UCD Royal Royce is an asexually propagated hybrid suitable for production anywhere dayneutral cultivars are grown. This cultivar has excelled in diverse long-day environments and produced blockbuster yields in coastal California and other mild Mediterranean climates where day-neutral cultivars typically thrive.

M.A.A.E. - Empresa Agrícola Alfredo Mota, Lda is a non-exclusive sub-licensee of Global Plants Genetics for UCDavis varieties (UCD Moxie, UCD Royal Royce and UCD Warrior and UCD Valliant) and has the right to make their asexual propagation of these licensed varieties and respective sale.