30 Years of

We are an agricultural company, created in June 1992.
Our activity is The propagation of vegetative material - strawberry plants and its commercialisation.
The commercialisation is guaranteed by our own means.
Since 1992, we have been working with strawberry plant varieties created by the University of California, Davis. These varieties have been proven to give the best results in our country in terms of production and quality.
Deliveries are rapidly assured by our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles, guaranteeing the differences of temperature do not compromise our plants quality.


Storage and Freezing

We respond to planting needs at different times of the year with our frozen plants stock and "motte" plants.

Certified Quality

All of our production is certified by legal authorities, and for that reason, we also have the exclusivity for the propagation of certain strawberry plant varieties in Portugal.

Biological Standards

We place great importance on the quality of our plants, therefore anytime it is possible, we prefer, and use, the bio-based treatments in order to minimize its impact in the environment.

30 years of experience

M.A.A.E. is the largest strawberry plant nursery in Portugal, with an accumulated know-how of 30 years of experience dedicated to strawberries.

Mountain Nurseries

Our nurseries are located in a mountain area between 850-900 meters high. In the BEIRA ALTA - GUARDA, region.


We have the capacity to respond and ship in bulk to anywhere in the world

Available varieties


    Attributes: - High percentage of large, marketable fruit - Good shelf life and transportability - Uniformly well-shaped - Bright red & glossy - Very early fruit onset - H...

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    Main features: MONTERREY fruit is very sweet, that is, it has low levels of acidity. MONTERREY is similar to SAN ANDREAS in terms of production characteristics. The main dif...

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    Main features: - Exceptionally high yields of marketable fruit; - Consistently produces large visually appealing fruit over a long growing season; - Produces fewer runners in...

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    Main features: - An outstanding day-neutral cultivar for organic and conventional production systems; - Consistently produces high yields early in the growing season; - Hig...

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    Main features: - Semi-reassembling variety. - Compact and small plants, making it easy to pick the fruit. - Firm fruit, attractive appearance and...

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    Main features: -Good adaptation to any climate; -It's a very early variety. Planted at the beginning of October, it can start producing in December; ...

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    Main features: - Reassembling variety. - Plant with less vegetation than the CAMAROSA variety, with few leaves, making it easy to pick the fruit. - Exc...

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      Main features: - Precocious; - Medium-large fruit; - Easy to harvest; - Plant with little vigor; - Very regular production trough out the season. Description: The fruit o...

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      Main features: - High adaptability to any soil; - Produces in any season; - Very strong erecting; - Good behavior between October and December. Description: Portola is a...

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    The Team

    Piedade Pinho
    Alfredo Mota
    Adriano Ribeiro
    Márcia Oliveira

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