The option for the mountain region and altitude is due to several factors: the hours of light, the hours of cold - useful for the earlier production varieties - the reduced presence of agricultural production in the area and the existence of an environment rich in diversity.

Being extremely important for us to maintain the original balance of the environment, we verified, after several years of small tests, that we were able to produce plants of relevant quality without previous soil disinfection. This is achieved by guaranteeing a 5 years rotation and a balanced management of crops for soil improvement. For this purpose  we also carry out regular analyzes.

In our nurseries, we do not use insecticides or acaricides, delegating these functions to the natural auxiliaries existing in abundance in the environment, which we strive not to unbalance.

We pride ourselves on maintaining loyal customers for more than 20 years often seeking to attract good farmers to this crop that has excellent conditions in our country to develop.

We also try to keep ourselves informed about new varieties that might be interesting.

We maintain frequent contacts with customers through visits and meetings to exchange experiences.