Main features:
- Reassembling variety.
- Plant with less vegetation than the CAMAROSA variety, with few leaves, making it easy to pick the fruit.
- Exceptional organoleptic quality of the fruit;
- Yields similar to Diamond but lower than Camarosa;
- High resistance to adverse weather conditions and diseases;
- Demanding variety in water and fertilization;
- Ideal for plantations in November and December.

The added value of this variety is the exceptional quality of the fruit, both for its size (greater than that of Diamond) - in the order of 32 grams per fruit - or for its flavor and firmness. Harvesting is very easy, having more post-harvest resistance than the varieties mentioned, maintaining better flavor and appearance.

Resistance to diseases and pests:
ALBION is very resistant to Anthracnosis, Verticilium and Phytophthora.