Main features: - Outstanding late season productivity and exceptionally high yields of marketable fruit: - Extra large, firm, visually appealing fruit; - Highly resistant to Verticillium wilt and Fusarium wilt; - Reduced runnering in fruit production.


Developed at the University of California, Davis for production in coastal California and other climates where day-neutral cultivars thrive. UCD Moxie produces extremely high yields of marketable fruit over a long growing season with outstanding late season production and is resistant to Fusarium wilt and Verticillium wilt. UCD Moxie produces fewer runners than most other day-neutral cultivars, a characteristic that decreases the need for runner trimming and reduces labor costs, and large, firm, visually appealing fruit with a long shelf life.


Disease Resistant With Exceptionally High Yields of Marketable Fruit

UCD Moxie is an asexually propagated hybrid suitable for production anywhere day-neutral cultivars are grown.

This cultivar has produced exceptionally high yields of marketable fruit over a long growing season in production environments where day-neutral cultivars typically thrive.

This cultivar is consistently the late season yield leader.



M.A.A.E. - Empresa Agrícola Alfredo Mota, Lda is a non-exclusive sub-licensee of Global Plants Genetics for UCDavis varieties (UCD Moxie, UCD Royal Royce and UCD Warrior and UCD Valliant) and has the right to make their asexual propagation of these licensed varieties and respective sale.