Main features: -  A reliable, high yielding short-day cultivar; - Strong resistance to soil-borne diseases; - Produces a high percentage of marketableflavorful fruit with excellent post-harvest fruit quality.


Developed at the University of California, Davis for production in short-day growing regions worldwide. UCD    Warrior  has    one  of        the      best   packages    of resistance to important soil-borne diseases:         Fusarium wilt, Macrophomina (charcoal rot) and Phytophthora crown rot.    This cultivar consistently produces firm fruit that are visually appealing, flavorful, and hold extremely well in transport and storage.


Highly Resistant to Macrophomina and Wilt Diseases

UCD Warrior is an asexually propagated hybrid suitable for production wherever short-day cultivars are grown. UCD Warrior has a rare combination of high yields and resistance to Macrophomina, in addition to resistance to Fusarium wilt and Phytophthora crown rot. The post-harvest fruit quality of UCD Warrior has  been outstanding, with a high percentage of marketable fruit with a long shelf life.


M.A.A.E. - Empresa Agrícola Alfredo Mota, Lda is a non-exclusive sub-licensee of Global Plants Genetics for UCDavis varieties (UCD Moxie, UCD Royal Royce and UCD Warrior and UCD Valliant) and has the right to make their asexual propagation of these licensed varieties and respective sale.